Swimming Pool Maintenance

Installing a swimming pool can be a great investment to boost property value and appeal. But it is also important to maintain both pool water and equipment regularly. If ever such task is too time-consuming for you, then hire us at Summertime Pools LLC for swimming pool maintenance service. Based in Many, LA, we have maintained many residential swimming pools for over 7 years. Here are some details on how we maintain swimming pools:


Step 1: Inspecting The Pool

When we maintain pools, we first inspect them in a thorough manner. We take the time to check pumps, filters, pool flooring, and other parts. This is so we can properly assess the condition of both pool water and equipment.


Step 2: Removing The Mess

After inspecting the pool, we then proceed to clean the entire pool. We use a variety of cleaning tools to remove leaves, dirt, and other debris on the pool water, especially on the floor.  When cleaning pool equipment, we use proven products that make short work of grime, rust, and other mess.


Step 3: Balancing The Water

Not only do we remove the floating and sinking debris, we also restore the PH balance of the pool water. We use professional-grade products that allow us to test the water and balance acidity levels. Also, we make sure the pool water has the right amount of chlorine for proper swimming condition.


Step 4: Equipment Tuning

Another thing we do when maintaining swimming pools is to ensure the pool’s components are fully functional. It is important to check, adjust, and replace water pumps, filters, liners, and other parts. Doing so ensures consistent or even improved pool water quality.

You can depend on us at Summertime Pools LLC for effective swimming pool maintenance service in Many, LA. We can also do pool repair, cleaning, and equipment replacement services. As a licensed company, we ensure reliable pool maintenance service at competitive rates. If you want to avail or inquire more about our pool services, please feel free to contact us at (318) 508-1450 today.


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