How To Maintain The Proper Condition Of Your Salt Water Pool

A Professional Swimming Pool Company Offers Useful Tips


Swimming in a saltwater natatorium can be fun and useful. It provides you with a good way of maintaining your health and avoiding the use of many chemicals. Yet, as with any other part of your home and landscape, you need to take care of your natatorium. This includes several important pool maintenance steps which you should perform regularly.


Test the chemical balance

Proper chemical balance is vital for the working of your feature. It helps to maintain the condition of your feature and avoid unwanted hassles. There are several chemical aspects which you need to test at different times. These include the free chlorine and pH which should be checked once a week. And the SASC (Salt, Alkalinity, Stabilizer, Calcium) which should be inspected monthly. If there is a change in the balance of these chemicals, take corrective measures. Such include using pool care products such as sodium bicarbonate to raise the level of the chemical.


Inspect the salt unit

Apart from maintaining the chemical balance of the water, you should also have the salt unit inspected. Such inspections are important as they help to prevent unwanted. As a general rule, you should have the chlorinator cell checked once every month. During the check-up, look for scale deposits on the blades. If you locate any, flush them using a high-pressure garden hose. If the deposit remains, opt for using the following swimming pool company mixture. Add one quart of muriatic acid to one gallon of water. Pour the mixture to a level where it can reach the blades and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing.


Clean the water and elements regularly

One of the steps on how to maintain the proper condition of your saltwater pool is to perform regular cleaning. Sanitation is one important and often overlooked by many homeowners step. It helps to keep the proper working of all units and avoid unwanted health issues. When performing the cleaning be sure to have the water cleaned of all debris. Also, sanitize the skimmer, pump, and filters of your system.


Maintaining the proper working of your saltwater feature through regular care is important. If you would like to learn about the steps, contact a professional swimming pool company such as Summertime Pools LLC in Many, LA .


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